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Waste Extraction specialists with over 20 years experience within our unique discipline, Airmec Design Limited have firmly established themselves as recognised market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of in-house waste extraction systems to the paper, corrugated board, carton, plastic and print finishing industries. Our broad client base is currently taking advantage of the following benefits associated with shrewd investment in an Airmec designed waste extraction system:-

"How do I limit the time taken on waste disposal and improve my operator's productivity rates.....?"

Airmec specialises in providing full 'Turnkey Systems' which automate the removal of production waste directly from source - thus allowing you to get on with the important task of fulfilling your production run safely, efficiently and in good time.

"I plan to expand my production capacity by introducing new converting machinery. Will my existing Waste Extraction System cope with the additional waste....?"

Whether you have an existing Airmec System or A. N. Other's, We can modify, upgrade or replace your system to suit your latest needs. On site System Analysis coupled with a fully inclusive Service Contract will ensure this integral part of your production process, will function trouble free for the foreseeable future.

Increased revenue from the sale of economically recycled waste paper products.
Improved productivity through reliable, automated production waste removal.
Cleaner working practices, improving personnel safety & enhancing ISO14001 accreditation.
Safer workplace with cleaner area around machines and better utilisation of available floorspace.
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